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Flu (Also Known as Influenza) is here!

October 14, 2014

Get Your Flu Shot at Tucson Family MedicineWritten by Herbert R. Jalowsky M.D

Folks, flu season has hit early!! I have personally seen my first case of flu in our office, and it was not pretty.

Common misconceptions:

I get the the “flu” from the flu shot.
This is not true. You cannot get the flu from the flu shot, it has no live virus. You can feel mildly achy for a day or two as an antigenic response, as your body builds its protection to the flu.

The flu is a minor but and I’ll take my chances.
Once again, not true. Many people think the flu is any viral illness or cold that comes along. Wrong!! Influenza causes muscles aches that make you feel like you’ve been run over by a truck, a sore throat, fever and a nasty cough, and can keep you in bed feeling terrible for 10 days, if you’re lucky. If you’re not lucky you could be one of the 50,000 people who DIE from influenza every year, or if really bad tens of millions have died as that happened at the end of World War 1.

I’ve never had the flu, I don’t need the flu shot.
This is like saying “I’ve never had Ebola, I don’t want any protection from that”. Would you really think that?

Who should get the NOT get the flu shot? Do not get a flu shot if you have had a serious egg allergy, or if you have had Guillian Barret disease.

Who should get the flu shot? Anyone over the age of 6 months!

If you are a patient of Tucson Family Medicine, call for a nurse visit for the flu shot, or go to your local pharmacy. It’s good medicine.

Don’t fall prey to the anti-vaccine movement. See the associated article on immunizations.