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Be Careful What You Wish For

Do you ever wonder why your doc might be reluctant to prescribe sleeping pills, or pills to help you when you’re anxious? Although these medications can be helpful in some conditions, they are being overused (mostly inadvertently) and that can lead to serious consequences....

Flu (Also Known as Influenza) is here!

Written by Herbert R. Jalowsky M.D Folks, flu season has hit early!! I have personally seen my first case of flu in our office, and it was not pretty. Common misconceptions: I get the the “flu” from the flu shot. This is not true. You cannot get the flu from the flu shot, it has...

How We Die

Written by Herbert R. Jalowsky M.D An article in Journal of the American Medical Association brings both promising and disturbing information about a topic we all know and most of us are uncomfortable with: dying. Most people, when queried, say that they want to die at home. Some...